Air Fryer Not Heating Up? A Step-by-step Guide To Fixing It

Air Fryer Not Heating Up? A Step-by-step Guide To Fixing It

An air fryer can test your patience big time when it refuses to heat up or takes longer than usual to cook. You put raw ingredients in the air fryer and keep waiting for the beep, but it just doesn’t hit the right temperature level.

There are several possible reasons behind an air fryer not heating up, and we have decided to unveil them for you. Here’s what could go wrong with your air fryer’s heat:

Your air fryer might not be heating up because of a faulty power cord, inadequate power supply, or careless menu settings you do before turning it on. Regular usage and extreme temperature changes can impact an air fryer’s heating capacity over time. Luckily, you can troubleshoot this problem by reading your air fryer’s instructions manual and inspecting its electric parts to find this problem’s root cause.

If you’re unable to identify your air fryer’s problem and want a way out without wasting much time, stick around till the end, and you’re sorted!

Why is my Air Fryer not Heating up? Possible Reasons

Air fryers come in different sizes and models; some are pretty easy to handle, while others’ hidden heating and electric parts make the inspection phase hard. However, some things stand solid for all air fryers, and you can check them to find why yours is acting up.

Here are some common and recurrent reasons behind air fryers’ compromised performance:

A Faulty Power Cord

Air fryer power cord

The cord that connects your air fryer to the wall socket is often the main culprit behind it not heating up. You plug in the air fryer, set the timer, and keep waiting for some smoke, heat, or whirring sound, but the machine sits there, cold.

When this happens, check the air fryer’s power cord first. These cables can chip and break because of the high temperature the air fryer emits or the overall heat in your kitchen.

No matter the material your air fryer’s cord is made from, thoroughly inspect it to know if there are any pits or cracks. Old cords, loose joints, and broken connections end up cutting the air fryer’s electric supply, and your food doesn’t get proper heating.

Some air fryers have detachable power cords that get loose from the joints after regular usage; if you have one such model, get a new power cord, and it’ll solve the problem.

But if your air fryer’s power cord is fixed and you’re sure that it’s not working correctly, get it repaired by a technician if you aren’t familiar with repairing cords/cables at home.

Inadequate Power Supply

Inadequate Power Supply

Sometimes everything is fine with the air fryer, but it doesn’t work because of an inadequate power supply. Check your home’s electricity supply when you notice that the air fryer isn’t heating up despite being careful.

Irregular power surges and insufficient electricity inflow impact the wall outlet’s performance, eventually leaving your air fryer cold. Another factor that can compromise your air fryer’s performance is a blown fuse or flipped breaker.

When you plug in several appliances at once, your home’s breaker might flip and cut the air fryer’s supply. Always unplug other power-consuming appliances before using your air fryer, i.e., oven, dishwasher, etc., especially those with the same wall outlet.

Open Air Fryer Lid

There are times when you hastily close the air fryer’s lid, and it doesn’t fit in, eventually leaving room for the hot air to escape. If you stuff the air fryer’s basket with uncooked food or pile it up, the lid won’t close and impact the required temperature levels.

Sometimes the lid can also be faulty or loose from the joint, so your stacked food is not always the culprit. If you have ruled out the electricity-related problems, closely monitor to see if the air fryer’s lid is properly closed or there’s room for hot air to come out.

Always put the suggested amount of raw food in the air fryer and tightly close the lid before switching it on. And if your air fryer’s lid makes a rattling sound during cooking, it might need to be replaced.

Open Air Fryer Door

A properly closed and pre-set air fryer cooks your food faster and better; check your fryer’s lid and door before plugging it in.

When the air fryer basket has too much food, its door doesn’t close, and a significant portion of the temperature is lost for nothing. Also, most air fryers have small door locks/knobs you must secure before cooking.

If your air fryer’s doorknob is broken or loose, get it repaired to ensure no hot air is lost while you cook.

You might think leaving the air fryer’s door slightly open allows you to monitor the food; it will also increase the cooking time – do this only when you’re baking or frying something prone to burning.

Improper Temperature Level

Most air fryers require manual temperature settings before they start operating. Your air fryer will either have the temperature-setting option as an LED display where you punch in the numbers, or there will be a dial for you to pre-set things.

Unless you specify the temperature you’d like to work with, the air fryer will not turn on, and you might be waiting for something futile. Punch in the required temperature from your air fryer so that it starts working.

Not Setting the Cooking Time

After checking everything listed above, see if your air fryer requires you to set the cooking time manually. You’ll find the option to specify a cooking time on the air fryer’s face where you set the temperature earlier.

Air fryers don’t start working unless you specify the time needed for the recipe you’re making, as it can pose fire and safety hazards.

Therefore, it’s always good to follow the machine’s requirements to avoid any delay and confusion later.

Broken Heating Element

This is the last point to check when an air fryer doesn’t heat up!

Since all good-quality air fryers come with reliable heating elements, they work pretty well. But regular use and careless handling can impact a heating element’s performance for the worst.

And the sad part about this problem is that you cannot troubleshoot it. When your air fryer’s heating element stops working, you must contact an electrician or the manufacturer for the correct verdict.

Experimenting with this element is not a smart idea unless you’re a certified electrician!

Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing Cold Air?

When an air fryer’s heating element loses its power supply or gets burnt out after regular usage, it starts blowing cold air over the food. Contact an electrician or the air fryer manufacturer (if it’s under warranty) to fix the heating element when you face this problem.

Air fryers initially work fine and don’t take much time to cook because that’s when the heating element and fan are fine. But time can impact any appliance’s working capacity; air fryers are no exception.

Likely, you don’t notice a broken or deteriorating heating element right away because air fryers show damage signs over time. First, you’ll face a longer than usual cooking time, and then the machine will stop cooking altogether.

No matter when you find that something is off with your air fryer’s heating element, contact an experienced electrician right away to save its life. 

How to Troubleshoot an Air Fryer that Stops Working?

Troubleshooting is often the easiest way of fixing an appliance – you give it some rest, and it starts working fine again. If you regularly use an air fryer and wish to keep it in good condition, troubleshooting it is a smart move.

Here are a few steps you can follow to reset and troubleshoot an air fryer:

Unplug the Air Fryer

Start with unplugging this smart appliance; you don’t want any electricity-related danger. After unplugging, let the air fryer rest for a while before restarting it.

Inspect the Power Cord

As we mentioned earlier, heavy usage and temperature changes can damage an air fryer’s power cord. When you unplug the air fryer, inspect its power cord to see if it’s intact. If you don’t find any loose joint or broken points on this cord, it’s good to go back on.

Check the Power Supply

Next, test the electricity outlet your air fryer connects to. You might be working with a broken fuse or switch that increases cooking time and makes you question the air fryer’s usability.

You can either use a tester or plugin another device or appliance to see if the switch your air fryers connects to is okay.

Plug it In

When you’re confident that everything is fine with the air fryer, plug it back in and reset it.

If your air fryer has a digital display, you’ll find the reset button in the menu. But if yours is an older model, the reset button will be under the air fryer. Locate your air fryer’s reset button and press it to take all setting back to the default mode.

Following this quick troubleshooting hack will help you locate the problem your air fryer is facing and the ways to fix it – take your time with it!

Final Thoughts

Once you start air frying, there’s no going back. This smart and capable device makes healthy, fat-free cooking a breeze and becomes your helping hand in the kitchen pretty soon.

However, you can hit some rough patches in this journey when your air fryer doesn’t cooperate, and you start to question its usability. If your air fryer isn’t heating up or it blows cold air over the food, follow the tips we have shared above to weed out things that might be wrong with it!

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