Are Coffee Makers Allowed in Dorms?

Are Coffee Makers Allowed in Dorms?

Nothing is better than starting your day with freshly brewed coffee. That first caffeine shot of the day will recharge you and prepare you for the tasks ahead. But, enjoying this privilege gets difficult in college dorms and hostels.

What if the cafeteria coffee tastes terrible, or what if you cannot make coffee in the dorm room? These questions are common for students moving to college dorms.

If you’re wondering whether coffee makers are allowed in dorms and what the prerequisites are, this guide will answer it for you.

Are Coffee Makers Allowed in Dorms?

Coffee makers are allowed in college dorms and hostel rooms if they have hidden heating elements. Pod-style coffee makers, Nespresso machines, and automatic aero presses are allowed in dorms because of their discrete heating elements. But since drip-style coffee makers have exposed hot plates, most universities and colleges don’t allow them in dorms.

Only a few dorms provide gas outlets, so you should prefer an electric one even if they allow coffee makers.

Although the things you can take to the dorm room depend upon your institute’s policy, most dorms allow coffee makers and cooking appliances with hidden heating elements.

The primary concern dorms have about coffee makers is the heating dangers associated with them.

Since coffee makers are small appliances with powerful heating elements, they can pose safety threats to small rooms. Therefore, you should check your institute’s policy about electrical appliances before packing your stuff.

Apart from the institute’s rules, it’s usually better to opt for smaller and safer coffee makers because they are convenient for dorms.

Should You Bring a Coffee Maker to College?

If you love a specific brew and cannot start your day without it, you should bring a coffee maker to college. Although colleges have coffee machines and cafeterias offering coffee most times of the day, they won’t always be up to your taste. So, if you’ll have time to brew a hot cup of coffee before heading for classes, having a coffee maker in the dorm is your best bet.

When your schedule is busy and running down to the cafeteria isn’t feasible, your coffee maker will come in handy.

Most dorms have shared kitchens and stand-alone coffee machines for students. But, someone who loves to brew coffee is better off with a personal coffee maker.

Once you know which coffee makers are allowed in your dorms, get one accordingly to treat your tastebuds throughout the session.

Keeping a coffee maker will be extra work if your dorm is very small. Firstly, you’ll need a place to adjust the coffee maker, which isn’t feasible in small dorm rooms. And secondly, cleaning the coffee maker won’t be feasible either. Therefore, it’s better to decide on extra electronic appliances after visiting the room.

Also, purchasing a new coffee maker isn’t necessary before moving to a dorm room. Small, pod-style coffee makers are best for small spaces where adjusting new appliances isn’t feasible.

Make sure the one you have is safe according to your institute’s guidelines, and you’re good.

What Type of Coffee Makers Can You Bring to a Dorm?

If you must bring a coffee maker to the dorm, get the most convenient one.

There are plenty of coffee makers on the market that look fancy but aren’t very practical for small spaces; you should pick one carefully. Before buying a coffee maker, you must consider the dorm room’s heating source and available space.

Here are a few other points to keep in mind while choosing a coffee maker for the dorms:


Most dorms and hostels do not allow coffee makers with external heating elements, so you cannot take a drip-style coffee maker to the college dorm.

Because of its design, a pod-style coffee maker will be more practical and convenient during your busy schedule. You can keep a pod-style coffee maker in a narrow space without exposing its surroundings to any damage.


Dorms don’t allow appliances that quickly overheat because they can pose fire threats to the surroundings. Your coffee maker should be made from heat-resistant material that is sturdy enough to bear regular usage.

Apart from the institute’s rules, you should also be vigilant of a coffee maker’s heat resistance if you wish to use it regularly.


A compact coffee maker will make things easier because you can shove it in the backpack, place it under the table, or put it on top of another appliance when the space is limited. Therefore, get a small but capable coffee maker for your dorm.


You won’t have much time to clean on busy study days, which is why your appliances should be convenient. Get a coffee maker that doesn’t get stained very easily and whose filter is easy to replace.

Countertop pod-style coffee makers are the best in terms of convenience because they allow you to quickly replace a pod and move on to a new coffee serving.

What to Consider When Using a Coffee Maker in a Dorm?

Dorm rooms bring several changes to your life; you cannot use regular kitchen appliances here. That’s why it’s best to be careful while using a coffee maker in the dorm room.

Here are a few things to consider for dorm room coffee makers:

  1. Footprint

Where will you adjust if you bring a hefty coffee maker to the dorm? Your dorm room appliances should be compact and capable because otherwise, they’ll be hard to use.

Overstuffing the dorm room with multiple appliances will make things difficult for you. So consider your coffee maker’s footprint before bringing it in.

  1. Heating Source

Does your dorm provide an electric or gas heating source? Knowing this beforehand will help you pick the best coffee maker.

Since all dorms have electric outlets and only a few offers shared kitchens where you can use gas, getting an electric coffee maker is safe.

  1. Brewing Speed

If you drink multiple cups of coffee a day, getting a small coffee maker might be counterproductive. Explore your options and choose a small-yet-capable coffee maker for the dorms to keep up with your mandatory caffeine intake.

  1.  Usability

Pod-style coffee makers let you quickly remove the brewed pod and use a new one for a fresh cup.

On the flip side, we have drip-style coffee makers that require you to remove used coffee grounds and clean the brewer before making the next cup, which is not convenient for dorms.

‘You should always consider safety and convenience while using a coffee maker in the dorm room.

Final words

Coffee makers are allowed in dorms as long as their heating elements are hidden. Since drip-style coffee makers have external heating plates, most dorms don’t allow them because of overheating concerns. However, pod-style coffee makers with hidden heating plates and heat-resistant bodies are perfectly fine for dorms.

Get a compact and ergonomic coffee maker for the dorm room which doesn’t add to your workload. But if you’re not passionate about brewing your coffee and can do with the options available in the cafeteria, bringing a coffee maker to the dorm isn’t necessary. Most dorms have shared kitchens with pre-built coffee makers; check your dorm’s facilities before deciding.

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