Are Instant Pots and Rice Cookers Allowed in Dorms?

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Are Instant Pots and Rice Cookers Allowed in Dorms?

Every college or university is different. Some have developed meal plans for students. Some dorms do not have a kitchen or sink, but others look like fully equipped apartments.

There are rules about keeping any cooking tool that does not have an automatic shut-off feature. Many do not allow instant pots and rice cookers due to fire hazards. But if your appliance does not have any exposed heating element, then you can bring your instant pots and rice cookers along. 

Most dorms do not allow open flames, and your small kitchen will certainly not have stoves. So how will you cook? The answer is to bring the necessary kitchen appliances and be creative.

Perhaps you would love to bring your Instant pot or Rice cooker along to make your cooking life easier, but not sure if your dorms allow it.

Check the dorm rules to see what’s allowed and how much space the Instant Pot/Rice cooker would take up.

Rules for Using Instant Pots and Rice cookers in College Dorms

Many college dorms don’t allow instant pots because of fire hazards but permit certain appliances as long you use them responsibly and sensibly.

These are the following rules and regulations regarding the use of Instant pots and rice cookers in dorms that you should consider keeping in mind.

  • All sorts of cooking appliances need to be in a clean state at all times. All food remnants need proper disposal, including empty meal containers.
  • Most colleges will not permit you to use cooking appliances that require high electricity and take unnecessary space. 
  • Moreover, every cooking appliance needs a direct connection to a wall socket with a circuit breaker. 
  • Stay within the general fire code, cook by the sink, so you don’t trigger the fire alarm, and keep the window open if you can.
  • Cooking appliances that produce open flames or contain flammable substances, as well as combustible hazards, are strictly banned in dorms. 
  • Lastly, you cannot profit off of the meals that you prepare in your dorm, and you are also not allowed to violate any local, state, or federal law regarding public health and safety. 

Why Do You Need An Instant Pot or Rice Cooker in Your Dorm?

When you are in college, you hardly have time to cook. Fortunately, an instant pot/rice cooker can help you prepare delicious meals quickly.

Instant pots and rice cookers are the ideal kitchen equipment for all kinds of lifestyles. You save time, money, ingredients, as well as unnecessary stress over planning out your next meal. Since rice cookers and instant pots can make any meal from breakfast to dinner, it is highly convenient to own one.

There are many reasons why multifunctional cookware is one of the best cookware that you should have in your dorm.

1. You Only Need A Few Ingredients:

Many college students don’t have time to prepare meals involving multiple ingredients. Some people live on simple and quick meals for several weeks.

 It is rare to find college dormitories with spice racks and full refrigerators. However, this is not a problem. For most college students, many delicacies are easy to prepare using quick pots and rice cookers.

2. You Save Tons of Money:

The multi-function pot or rice cooker only needs two ingredients. The two-ingredient meals allow students to eat hearty meals within their budget. Some college students go to restaurants or coffee shops to eat when they are hungry.

Although this is not a problem, it usually involves withdrawing money to pay for dining at the restaurant. Using these appliances, you can enjoy a hearty dinner in the bedroom without breaking the bank.

The instant pot and rice cooker save money by staying indoors and cooking faster instead of relying on expensive takeaway food.

3. Diverse meal plan:

Just because on-campus restaurants and cafeterias are open doesn’t mean you should use them.

At some point, you will get tired of eating from the same menu. With Instant Pot and Rice Cooker, you can prepare any food at any time you want.

Getting food from a university canteen is convenient. Still, you don’t get the diverse range of delicacies that you can get at home. For a change of pace, consider making your dishes in an instant pot or rice cooker.

4. Simpler cooking:

One of the significant advantages of Instant Pot/Rice Cooker is that it can cook food at any time. If you have a class in an hour or 20 minutes, you can put the ingredients in the pot and let the food cook while you attend class.

The only time you spend in the kitchen is the time to prepare the ingredients. After preparing the ingredients, you can do other things while waiting for the food to cook. The rice cooker or instant pot will not burn your food.

Moreover, the equipment does not pose a fire hazard.

5. Saves space:

Most universities do not support the use of stoves in dorm kitchens because of their flammable properties. Hence, students need to find different alternatives to kitchen appliances.

For college students, the answer is a good-quality rice cooker or instant pot. Students can easily prepare a delicious meal with these compact devices without worrying about fire or taking up too much space.

Best Rice Cooker for a College Dorm Room

If your university dormitory allows rice cookers, the Instant Zest Plus 20-cup rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker is your best choice.

If space is limited, you can even get the size of 8 cups. It is a great rice cooker that can do whatever you want.

Moreover, it comes with a dishwasher-safe steamer, a rice measuring cup, and a rice spoon. This rice cooker is ideal for anything like oatmeal or rice.

It is easy to clean afterward. There are nine settings for cooking rice, cereals, oats, and more. There are four additional programs for stewing, steaming, slow cooking, and keeping food warm.

With numerous settings, clean-off surfaces, and loads of convenient traits, you can cook however much you want and save cash, time, and energy.

Best Instant Pot for College Students

The fantastic 3-in-1 Cuisinart instant pot allows you to cook many types of meals simultaneously.

You can set the temperature and cooking time at the touch of a button. Cuisinart has a long history in the cooking industry and is known for its high quality and reliability.

 You will not just gain a time and cash saving appliance, but additionally, you will also purchase an expertly developed gadget.

With this flexible 3-in-1 instant pot, you can burn, sauté, and steam food.

You can also use this appliance in gatherings without worrying about what to cook for lunch. With this Instant Pot, you can prepare your favorite dishes in the comfort of your dorm after a busy day in college.

Are Instant Pots and Rice cookers generally allowed in Dorms?

So now the crucial information that you need to be aware of is whether you can bring your instant pot or rice cookers along with you to your college.

Most dorms permit instant pots/rice cookers on account of their exceptional features. Firstly, it has no open flame component, so there is no chance of causing a fire. Moreover, instant pots and rice cookers ordinarily come accompanied with a programmed shut-off option which automatically shuts off the gadget when it detects burning food. So this appliance has countless safety measures. With these two components, the rice cooker and instant pot can’t pose a fire hazard. They are likewise time-saving when cooking, so college dorm inspectors presumably realize that it would be advantageous for their occupants.

Furthermore, rice cookers and instant pots take up average current. Therefore, if the plug fluctuates, the switch automatically burns the circuit breaker.

It has fewer dissimilarities when compared to an electric kettle, so dorms that permit instant pots and rice cookers ordinarily offer sufficient power outlets to pick an instant pot or rice cooker’s load.

They utilize 70% less energy than typical electric cookers, so the dorm inspectors don’t need to stress due to electricity bills.

Safety Measures:

While adhering to the principles given by the dorm, you ought to likewise remember various wellbeing points. Albeit instant pots are safe and reliable, you should remain cautious and keep any mishaps from occurring.

Here are insurances to follow:

  • Never fill your instant pot to the brim. Too much water or food can cause dangerous levels of pressure to build up inside. It may even cause an explosion.
  • Always wait for your instant pot to depressurize before you open or add ingredients inside.
  • Be careful of the steam build-up inside the instant pot. 
  • Keep your lid securely locked at all times when your instant pot is in use. A loose cover can cause an explosion of scalding hot food everywhere. 
  • Do not leave your instant pot unattended in your dorm room when using high pressure to cook. 

Final Words:

Choose an instant pot or rice cooker with the automatic keep-warm feature to keep food warm after cooking without overcooking it. Some students prefer to use programmable pots and cookers that start cooking at preset times.

Using a rice cooker is a common trend not just among households but also among college students. This cooking method is convenient, affordable, and adds excellent flavor to your dishes.

Many colleges allow students to have slow cookers in their dormitories. It is why most college students consider a slow cooker an essential cooking appliance. With the help of this article, you are now knowledgeable enough to buy an instant pot or rice cooker for your dorm while simultaneously being aware of the rules and regulations set by the college system.

Related Questions:

Why are toaster ovens, electric frying pans, and microwaves not allowed in dorms? It primarily depends on the area where you have administered for residency. The stated appliances, including any other gadget you might use for cooking food, are forbidden to use within dorms because they might risk fire hazards.

 What are some non-permitted items in a dorm? There are some utensils that you are not permitted to keep in your dorm. Like, heated toasters, toaster ovens, grills and halogen lamps, Quesadilla makers, sandwich makers, Panini grills, coffee pots, cup warmers, air fryers, and crock-pots.

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