Can I Put the Air Fryer on Countertop? Is It Even Safe?

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Can I Put the Air Fryer on Countertop?

A cracked, discolored countertop can ruin a kitchen’s overall look and leave a question mark on your home management skills. Therefore, understanding the risks of convection heaters and kitchen appliances is important for anyone who likes a squeaky clean kitchen.

One major concern home cooks ask in this regard is whether an air fryer can damage their countertops. If you’re also seeking an answer for this, here’s what you need to know:

You can put an air fryer on the countertop if it’s made from a heat-resistant material like copper, granite, stainless steel, or terrazzo. But if your kitchen countertop is made from wood or Formica, putting the air fryer on it can cause sparks and fire. Using a heat-resistant matt or insulation sheet is your best bet to contain an over-heated air fryer’s impact.

If your air fryer gets over-heated during cooking and you wish to prevent all possible harms it can cause to your countertop, keep on reading, and we’ll help you through it!

Can I Put the Air Fryer on Countertop?

Air fryers have gained immense popularity in the past few years, thanks to their healthy cooking and easy handling.

Once you learn an air fryer’s features and capabilities, you can use it to make several recipes – from baking cupcakes to dehydrating food; an air fryer can do it all.

An appliance this versatile is likely to be used pretty regularly, which raises a few safety and reliability concerns for home cooks.

For example, let’s assume you’re making something that requires 3-4 hours of cooking in the air fryer at high heat – leaving the air fryer on for this long can be a safety hazard if you’re careless about its residing surface and surrounding objects.

The foremost thing you can do to keep your kitchen and air fryer safe is placing it on a heat-resistant surface, which doesn’t pose any fire risks. If the countertop is your priority for the air fryer, make sure it’s safe and resistant.

But since there are various types of countertops, you should be sure that your kitchen counter can take the air fryer’s heat.

Passing a verdict on whether to put the air fryer on the countertop will get easier if we discuss different types of countertops, so let’s do it first:

Types of Countertops And Their Heat-Bearing Capacity

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are highly popular in modern and minimalistic kitchens. These glossy countertops are sourced from earthen materials. They can withstand up to 1200F temperature, making these countertops practical choices for busy kitchens.

If you have a good quality granite countertop, confidently put and use your air fryer over it, and it will do just fine. Even if your granite countertop absorbs the air fryer’s heat, it remains intact.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate or Formica countertops look lavish but aren’t very durable to bear the regular wear and tear.

These countertops’ heat-bearing capacity is 300-350F, and since air fryers often get hotter than this limit, you have to be careful. Using a heat-resistant matt or insulation sheet with laminate countertops is a smart move.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are durable and timeless, so you can put hot kitchen appliances over them without worrying about the aftermath. However, be mindful that heat can impact a concrete countertop’s color and finish.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is another popular and attractive countertop material with a heat-bearing capacity of 200-250F. If your countertop is pure quartz, using a thin heat-resistant mat under the air fryer will suffice.


Heat-resistant countertops like concrete, granite, marble, and stainless steel are ideal for air fryers and other appliances that get hot when plugged in.

Do Air Fryers Damage or Crack Counter Tops?

Air fryers’ heat can damage or crack delicate countertops when they reach 400F and higher heat levels. However, spreading heat-resistant mats and sheets over polished and laminate surfaces contains an air fryer’s heat and ensures the countertop’s safety. If you leave these tiny countertop cracks unattended, they can expand and cause irreversible damages to its surface.

When the heat emitting from electronic appliances or stovetops hits a countertop, it leaves tiny cracks and dents behind. And if we don’t remedy this problem, it can cause irreversible damage even to the sturdiest surfaces.

Concrete and other mediocre-quality countertops are greatly affected by the air fryer’s heat if you don’t use a heat-resistant accessory to cure this problem.

Since repairing and filling countertop cracks is expensive and tiring, being careful of the heat damage right from the beginning is mandatory.

Durable countertops can bear the constant heat abuse in a kitchen and don’t look weary because you use an air fryer or put hot pans over the countertop – choose the material wisely.

If you’re unsure of the countertop’s material, closely observe its surface to see if there are any cracks or dents, and you’ll know.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect The Countertop?

If you regularly use your air fryer while it resides on the countertop, finding a solution to contain its impact is inevitable. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune or uproot the entire countertop to make it heat-proof – some reliable kitchen accessories will suffice.

Here are some practical ways to limit the air fryer’s damage you can try right away:

Heat-Resistant Matt

Using a heat-resistant matt is the easiest way to protect the countertop and other objects near an air fryer. These silicone or rugged rubber mats absorb the appliance’s heat and protect the surface under them.

If you don’t want to cover the whole countertop and need a quick fix for the air fryer, these mats are the way out!

Metal Insulation Layer

High-activity kitchens are prone to catching fires and other heat-related accidents, especially when their countertops are wooden or Formica.

If you cannot redo the old countertop but wish to make it heat-proof, covering it with a steel or copper layer will help.

Metal countertops and insulation sheets are better for high-activity kitchens where the air fryer is used for prolonged periods.

Marble Tile

Don’t want to hide your newly installed granite countertop’s beauty? Place a properly-sized marble tile under the air fryer, and you’re good.

This marble tile will ensure the air fryer’s heat doesn’t reach the countertop and your kitchen still looks aesthetically pleasing.

You can easily find a marble tile that matches your countertop’s color and design to ensure it doesn’t look odd in your kitchen.

Additional Wooden/Bamboo Layer

If you have an extra cutting or wooden board lying around, use it to protect your countertop and use the air fryer all you might.

Ensure that the board/wooden layer you’re using is non-combustible and doesn’t scratch the air fryer’s exteriors. Bamboo cutting boards, wood planks, and thick cardboard are good options for protecting your kitchen countertop.

You can also use these heat-resistant mats and sheets under the oven, microwave, coffee maker, and any other appliance that emits heat and impacts the surrounding objects.

How do I know if my Countertop is Heat Resistant?

Countertops made from sturdy metals and pressure-treated earthen materials are impressively heat-resistant. If your countertop is made from stainless steel, granite, copper, or concrete, it’s fairly heat-resistant. Contrarily, countertop materials like Formica, quartz, and wood are not that good at heat-resistant forte. So, find out your countertop’s material, and you’ll know.

If you’ve moved houses and don’t plan to redo the kitchen, confirm from the seller or contractor about the countertop’s material.

Sometimes even durable materials like granite and marble are mixed with low-quality resins and polymers that can catch fire when exposed to high heat; so, being proactive is good.

Final Thoughts

Once you start cooking in an air fryer, there’s no going back. This practical and versatile appliance doesn’t take long to become your go-to cooker in the kitchen. But when you leave the air fryer on for long, it can get over-heated and impact the surrounding objects – your kitchen countertop being the main victim.

Since countertops and expensive and shape a kitchen’s overall look, protecting them from all types of damages should be your priority. You can only place the air fryer on a heat-resistant or insulated countertop because otherwise, the machine’s heat can ruin it.

No worries if you have a not-so-resistant kitchen countertop, heat-proof mats, insulation sheets, and marble tiles are some practical options you can use to keep it intact.

We hope this guide resolved your worries about placing an air fryer on the countertop, good luck!

Related Questions:

Can I put my Air Fryer on a granite countertop? Granite is a durable and pleasant-looking material that makes excellent kitchen countertops. You can put an air fryer on a good-quality granite countertop without worrying about the tiny cracks and dents its heat might leave behind.

Will an air fryer damage a quartz countertop? 100% pure quartz countertops are pretty reliable and heat-resistant. However, manufacturers often mix quartz with resins and polymers to enhance aesthetic value; such mixed countertops are not so durable. You shouldn’t risk a quartz countertop; using a heat-proof mat is a practical step.

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