Can I Use A Steel Or Metal Bowl In The Air Fryer?

Can I Use A Steel Or Metal Bowl In The Air Fryer

Air fryers are expensive and practical kitchen appliances; you cannot risk their safety. Some air fryer users have faced significant losses after making ill-informed decisions, such as using the wrong kind of cookware/flatware in their air fryer. Whether to use a metal bowl in the air fryer is a common question home cooks ask; hence, we decided to answer it for you.

Here’s what you need to know about using a metal bowl in the air fryer: You can use oven-safe and non-coated steel or metal bowls in the air fryer because they can handle temperatures up to 500F. But if your steel bowl is painted or not marked as oven-safe, using it in the air fryer is a big no.

That said, you have to bear a few more factors in mind before putting a steel bowl in the air fryer.

So let’s dive in and help you make an informed decision!

Can I Use A Steel Or Metal Bowl In An Air Fryer?

The brief answer is, Yes! You can use a steel or metal bowl in the air fryer if it’s oven-safe and capable of handling an extreme amount of heat.

Air fryers circulate hot air over your food to cook it and give it a nice crisp, so understandably, the temperature inside an air fryer is quite high.

400-500F is the usual temperature range of air fryers which differentiates them from convection heaters where you can lower the heat levels depending upon the food in the making.

Although the need for a metal (or any other) bowl is quite rare with air fryers, you can use them if the recipe instructs so.

Metal bows restrict airflow inside your air fryer, eventually impacting your food’s texture and consistency. Unless you’re baking or raising some liquid ingredients/batters, using a metal bowl inside the air fryer won’t be necessary.

Is It Safe To Use A Steel Or Metal Bowl In An Air Fryer?

Using an oven-safe steel or metal bowl in the air fryer is safe. But if your bowl is not specified as oven-safe or coated in potentially harmful paint, putting it in the air fryer is dangerous. The toxic paint particles or metal scrapings can contaminate your food if you aren’t careful about the bowl’s material.

Oven-safe steel bowls are made from a high-quality stainless steel alloy that doesn’t release toxic fumes into your food when reheated. These bowls are mostly non-coated because paint and enamel layers can melt inside the air fryer.

If you regularly use a steel bowl in your oven, you’re free to put it inside in the air fryer too. But if you’re purchasing a new steel bowl to test some air fryer baking recipes, get one that’s marked to be oven-safe.

High-quality steel alloys are non-reactive and heavily hammered to prevent metal particles from leaching out – you can confidently use them in the air fryer.

Possible Dangers Of Using A Steel Or Metal Bowl In the Air Fryer

Being conscious about your food’s quality is important – you cannot cook and consume just anything.

Therefore, understanding the possible dangers of using a steel or metal bowl in the air fryer should be your priority. Here’s what can possibly go wrong with a steel bowl in the air fryer:

Metal Chipping

If you stuff a low-quality, thin steel bowl in the air fryer, hot air inside this appliance will damage the metal surface. You might notice tiny metal particles inside your air-fried food because the temperature inside is that capable.

Paint Leaching

Steel bowls often come patterned and painted, which is totally against the safety rules of air fryers. High heat inside air fryers can disrupt these paint layers, eventually leaching chemical particles into your food.

Bare steel bowls, however, are safe to use in the air fryer.

Toxic Fumes

Even if your steel bowl’s body and paint remain intact in the air fryer, it may release toxic fumes into your food that you cannot detect with the bare eye.

Burnt Food

Steel isn’t an excellent heat conductor – it’ll take some practice before you can cook in a steel bowl without burning your food.

And since you cannot monitor the food when the air fryer is on, the chances of sticking to the bowl and burning are always prevalent.

Damaged Heating Element

Besides the potential dangers your food might go through, using a steel or metal bowl isn’t great for the air fryer either.

Air fryers need sufficient space to circulate air, and doing so gets difficult when there’s a metal barrier in the way. When the hot air cannot circulate, it can damage the air fryer’s heating element, and you should prevent that from happening.

Is It Worth It Using A Steel Or Metal Bowl in the Air Fryer?

Unless you’re baking or cooking something liquidy in the air fryer, using a container/bowl isn’t necessary. You can do just fine with the steel basket. But if you must use a bowl in the air fryer, glass or ceramic are better material choices.

Although using metal tins is inevitable when baking in the air fryer, doing so isn’t mandatory with regular cooking.

Another disadvantage of using a steel bowl in the air fryer is that it blocks hot air from reaching the uncooked food and might make it soggy.

Final Thoughts 

You can use oven-safe steel and metal bowls in the air fryer because they are constructed to withstand extreme temperatures.

These oven-safe bowls don’t give in to the regular heat exposure and stand solid in an air fryer’s scorching temperatures. But if you’re unsure of a steel bowl’s ability to bear the air fryer’s heat, don’t risk your and the appliance’s safety.

Putting low-quality bowls in the air fryer will impact your food’s quality and taste along with damaging the fryer’s heating element – you cannot risk any of these. If you must use a steel bowl, make sure it’s safe!

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