Can You Boil Water In An Instant Pot? (Explained!)

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Can You Boil Water In An Instant Pot?

Instant pots help prepare tasty meals when you’re short on time and cannot manage to monitor the cooking pot. You add raw ingredients in the instant pot and focus on other tasks while your food is getting ready – easy peasy.

But apart from their usability for regular cooking, one common question about instant pots is whether or not one can boil water in them. New users wonder what if the instant pot doesn’t boil water, or if it does, its liner gets discolored?

If you also have similar questions, here’s an answer to solve your worries:

You can boil water in an instant pot without compromising its functionality or look. Boiling water in instant pots takes lesser time than using stovetops or ovens, so you can do this when in a hurry. Sure, you’ll need some practice to understand an instant pot’s heat levels, but once you do, you’ll love its practicality for various kitchen tasks, boiling water included.

If you’re new to using an instant pot, you’re in the right place because this guide explains everything you need to know about this practical appliance. So stick around till the end and become a pro with your instant pot right away!

Is It Safe To Boil Water In An Instant Pot?

Before you start using an instant pot for boiling water, understanding whether is it safe should be your priority. Since most instant pots have stainless steel cooking liners paired with copper-clad heating units, they are safe for everyday cooking and don’t pose any danger if you boil water in them.

Stainless steel is non-reactive, so it doesn’t release any toxic fumes even if you overcook the food or leave water in it for a longer time than usual.

So another reason to question an instant pot’s usability for mundane kitchen tasks goes out of the window – it is safe and practical.

Cooks are skeptical about boiling water in instant pots because they reduce moisture from the food you cook, so what if they do the same with plain water? However, this is only confusion.

If you select the correct heat level and don’t leave the pot on for too long, you’ll see the same quantity of water you added earlier. Although regularly boiling water in an instant pot can change its liner’s color, you can fix it with any high-quality dish cleaner.

How Do You Boil Water In An Instant Pot?

Boiling water on a stovetop pot is a lot different than using an instant pot, so don’t flinch at this question if you’re a pro cook. Everyone needs some practice to get the hang of electrical appliances because they can ruin the experience otherwise.

So, take your instant pot out, and let’s boil some water!

Steps to Follow While Boiling Water in An Instant Pot

  • Place your instant pot on the kitchen counter and plug it in.
  • Pour the quantity of water you need for coffee, pasta, or anything you’re going to cook afterward.
  • Your programmable instant pot will show three heat levels on the LED; Pressure Cooking, Saute, and warm. Choose pressure cooking if you’re boiling 3 or more cups of water.
  • Close the pot’s lid and lock its valve to ensure everything is safe during pressure cooking.
  • Set the timer to 5 minutes from the pot’s LED display and let it run.
  • After 5 minutes, you’ll either hear a whirring sound or a beeper depending upon your instant pot’s model.
  • Once the pressure cooking timer stops, open the pressure-release valve and let the steam escape. You’ll notice that the instant pot has shifted to the warm setting by now.
  • Open the lid when you feel most of the steam has evaporated, and you won’t get a burn by a hot wave after opening the instant pot.

And that’s all!

These easy steps will allow you to boil water in an instant pot instantly (no surprise there) and ensure your cooking ventures don’t stop when you don’t have another heating source.

What Program To Use While Boiling Water In An Instant Pot?

Although you’ll always follow the above-listed steps while boiling water in an instant pot, you’ll still have to choose a heating level. Whether you want the water to pressure boil or simmer on the warm settings, the choice is yours.

Here are the two options you’ll have to choose from:

Saute Mode

Advanced instant pots come with a present saute mode that lets you brown veggies and meat without requiring another cooking pot. You don’t do pressure cooking while using this mode, so it doesn’t make your food soggy.

If you’re boiling a minimal amount of water, say 1-3 cups, select the saute option from your instant pot’s menu.

Another factor to remember while using the saute mode is that you shouldn’t close the pot’s lid. Leave the instant pot on for 2-6 minutes (depending upon water’s quantity), and it will soon come to a boil.

Using the saute function in an instant pot will bring water to a slow boil in which small and large bubbles appear on its surface without spilling over from the edges.

These slow, big bubbles indicate that the water has reached almost 205 degrees Fahrenheit and is ready to be used.

Pressure Cooking

But if you’re boiling a large quantity of water for cooking or any other purposes, use its pressure cooking mode.

Add the required quantity of water to your instant pot, set it to high-pressure cooking, and let it cook for 5 minutes with the lid closed.

Using the high-pressure function of an instant pot to boil water brings water to a rolling boil within minutes. If you spot fast-moving waves in the water, it indicates the real or a rolling boil – the kind you’ll prefer for making tea or coffee.

Leaving the lid open during pressure will evaporate all water and create a mess around your instant pot; remember to keep it closed.

There’s a third heating level in most instant pots called the warm mode; you cannot use it to boil water since it operates on low heat. The lowest setting in instant pots is mainly used to keep the food warm and simmer the liquids like soup, broth, etc.

How Much Water Can You Boil In An Instant Pot?

What is your instant pot’s cooking capacity? Do you have a 3 quart instant pot, or do you use a 10-quart variant? The answer to this question will determine how much water you can boil in an instant pot. The regular sizes of instant pots are 3, 6, 8, and 10 quarts, with a few minor differences depending upon the manufacturer.

Let’s assume you have a 6-quart instant pot that you use for making family meals and delights. You can easily boil 5 liters of water in this pot without it boiling over or spilling around. But if you fill an instant pot till the brim, water will evaporate and spill around.

So, if you regularly boil water in the instant pot to add liquid to different dishes or make large coffee batches, make sure your instant pot is at least 6-quart.

Always fill your instant (or any) pot till 2/3rd while boiling something because otherwise, the hot liquid can spill on your hands and cause severe burns. Be extra cautious while boiling water because even its hot steam is enough to risk your safety.

How Long Does It Take To Boil Water In A Pressure Cooker?

People use instant pots for fast cooking, so understandably, they expect it to boil water faster than conventional heating sources. And luckily enough, it’s possible.

Saute Function

An instant pot produces less heat on saute mode, so it takes a considerable time to boil water. Setting the instant pot to saute mode boils 1-quart of water in 6-8 minutes. Since you’ll keep the lid off during saute mode so that also increases water’s boiling duration.

The exact duration required to boil water using an instant pot’s saute function varies according to the quantity of water you have added. When you boil a large quantity of water using the instant pot’s saute function, it may take more than 10-12 minutes.

Therefore, you should prefer using this function with 1-3 cups of water; for a quantity larger than this, switch to the next mode.

High-pressure Mode

On the flip side, you can boil 1-quart water within 2-3 minutes on a high-pressure setting in the instant pot. Instant pots produce a considerable amount of heat during the high-pressure mode, so it’s understandable why this process is fast.

Now, if we compare these two modes’ water boiling duration with conventional means, they win over stovetops and ovens.

Boiling 1-quart water on the stovetop takes 8-10 minutes, and the same task complete within 5 minutes in a microwave. However, instant pots do not beat electric kettles at this front.

If you have only a few minutes to whip up a delicious cup of coffee, but your kettle isn’t working, the instant pot will have your back.

But while boiling a larger amount of water, even the instant pot will take a considerable time.

How To Boil Water In An Instant Pot Without A Lid?

Some home cooks are cautious while closing the instant pot’s lid because of the intense amount of pressure it generates. Leaving the lid open not only reduces the risks of potential damages but also allows you to monitor raw ingredients’ condition.

But the question is, can you keep an instant pot’s lid open while boiling water? Won’t the water evaporate this way? And how long will it take to boil water with the lid open?

New instant pot users and home cooks have all of these questions before they try using an appliance; if you do too, you’re not alone.

Here’s how you can boil water in an instant pot without a lid:

  • Add the required amount of water into your instant pot and plug it in.
  • Select “saute” mode from its LED menu and let the water boil.
  • If you have added 2-3 cups of water, it will boil in under 5 minutes.
  • But if you’re boiling more than 5 cups of water on saute mode, it can take 10 or more minutes.

Boiling water in an instant pot without the lid allows you to monitor its condition and timely switch it off without losing its temperature.

When you choose the high-pressure function with water, you have to open the pressure valve to release extra steam. The water inside can get a bit cold during that phase; you won’t like that for your coffee/tea.

The biggest advantage of boiling water with the lid off is that you understand the time needed for different quantities of water. If you have recently started using an instant pot, use it on the saute mode until you get the hang of its settings.

In A Word!

Boiling water in the instant pot is totally possible and safe. Since these practical and easy-to-use pots don’t limit your kitchen adventures, you can cook or boil practically anything in them.

The time required to boil water in an instant pot depends upon its quantity and the heating mode you pick. If you select saute function from your instant pot’s menu, it’ll require you to keep the lid off and wait for 6-8 minutes till water comes to a boil.

On the flip side, choosing high-pressure cooking mode in an instant pot will doubtlessly speed things up. It takes 2-3 minutes to boil 1-quart water on a high-pressure setting in an instant pot.

And last but not least, boiling water in instant pots is safe. These pots’ steel liners are non-reactive and easy to clean; you shouldn’t worry before using them however you want.

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