Can You Put A Pizza Box In The Oven?

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Can You Put A Pizza Box In The Oven

Pizza tastes even better the next day of its delivery because I like soft pizza dough (weird, I know). If you also love to have a pizza slice late at night or in the morning, you’d agree that reheating pizza slices is quite a task. 

Therefore, this post will answer the most popular question pizza lovers ask – can you put a cardboard pizza box in the oven? So, read on and heat your favorite slices the right way!

 Can You Put a Cardboard Pizza Box in The Oven?

You can put a pizza box in the oven to reheat the leftover slices, but only if you follow some care instructions. Cardboard boxes can catch fire at 450F and higher temperatures, keep your oven’s temperature below this level, and you’re good. Another factor worth considering is your pizza box’s size. Make sure it’s smaller than the oven to ensure it doesn’t touch the heating elements. 

Putting a cardboard pizza box in the oven is safe if you don’t overheat it and timely take out the box. Cardboard boxes can catch fire at 450F and higher temperatures, eventually risking your food’s and appliance’s safety. Make sure your oven’s temperature is a maximum of 300F when you heat a cardboard box in it to keep fire hazards at bay. 

When you cram a large cardboard box in the oven, the chances of it catching fire increase because now there is no ventilation. If a cardboard box is smaller than your oven rack, you can heat it while keeping the temperature at a safe level. 

Some pizza boxes are coated in chemical dyes, making them quite different from plain cardboard boxes. If the box you’re heating is dyed and printed, you’ll have to be extra careful with it. Melted dyes increase fire hazards and are also harmful to your health. 

Is It Safe to Put a Cardboard Pizza Box in The Oven?

It is safe to put a cardboard pizza box in the oven at 400F and lower temperatures. A cardboard box’s glue and chemical dyes can catch fire and ruin your pizza’s taste at high temperatures. Don’t let your pizza stay in the oven for more than 15 minutes to ensure it doesn’t get chewy or bland. Make sure your oven’s vents are not blocked because of the box, and you’re good. 

Although putting a cardboard pizza box in the oven is safe, following a few care instructions is mandatory. Set your oven’s temperature at 175F and pre-heat it for 10 minutes before placing the cardboard box to speed up the process. 

Your pizza’s texture and taste will remain intact if you don’t over-heat the box because extra heat can evaporate all moisture from the slices. An oven set at 175F will ensure your pizza slices heat at the perfect temperature and don’s stick to the box.

Don’t use a cardboard box to hold your pizza if you prefer to reheat food at blasting temperatures. Separating pizza slices and putting them on the oven’s glass plate is better for high-heat cooking/reheating. If you’re health-conscious, stuffing the whole cardboard box in the oven will go against your will as you can safely transfer the slices to a glass plate and reheat them.

Cardboard boxes have glue that can melt and absorb into your food at high cooking temperatures, something you should always avoid. 

Can I Heat a Pizza Box on Low Temperatures? 

Yes, you can heat a pizza box at low temperatures; this is the best reheating practice for pizzas and other cheese-loaded foods. When you have to keep pizzas warm for a party or family dinner, set your oven’s temperature at 175F and put the cardboard boxes in it.

150-175 degrees Fahrenheit is an oven’s holding temperature. This temperature keeps the food freshly warm and other objects like plates and boxes safe. Your oven’s temperature and ventilation are essential when heating food for prolonged durations.

Don’t overcrowd the oven, and don’t put your food under a blasting temperature to enjoy a fresh meal at the party. You can keep pizzas warm for several hours when your oven is set at a low temperature. But don’t leave your pizza box unattended in the oven for several hours, as even minor inconveniences can pose fire and safety hazards.

How To Safely Heat Your Pizza with The Box? 

Now that you’re sure putting cardboard boxes in the oven is safe if you follow certain care instructions, let’s go through a few quick steps.

Here are some easy steps to help you heat pizza with the box:

  1. Reheating in the Oven  

Reheating pizza slices in the oven is the most convenient method. Since you can monitor the oven’s temperature, you can timely take the pizza out to keep it from charring. 

If you want to minimize the fire and health risks associated with it, here’s what to do:

  1. Preheat the Oven 

Pre-heating the oven is mandatory before you put a cardboard box in it. If you stuff the cardboard box in a cold oven, it takes pretty long to heat up and increases the fire risks. Pre-heat your oven at 150-275F for 10 minutes before putting the pizza box.

Don’t pre-heat the oven at a higher than 275F temperature to keep things under control!

  1. Heat the Pizza 

Once your oven is pre-heated, put your pizza box in it for 10-15 minutes, depending upon the size or number of slices. The pizza’s crust and toppings come off nicely when your oven is thoroughly heated.

  1. Microwave those Cheesy Slices 

Microwaving pizza cardboard boxes is also an easy way of bringing those cold slices back to life. When you decide to use the microwave, put a glass of water under its cooking tray and the pizza box above the cooking tray. 

The presence of additional moisture will ensure your pizza’s crust doesn’t get chewy or tasteless. Using the microwave is a quick reheating method, but it’s inconvenient because you cannot stuff the whole cardboard box in it. 

Final Thoughts 

Reheated pizza makes the best comfort food. When you run out of fresh food, reheat some stored pizza slices and satisfy your cravings. If you put the whole cardboard pizza box in the oven for reheating, make sure its temperature is at a safe level. 

Cardboard boxes can catch fire and melt at 450F or higher temperatures; keep your oven below this limit while reheating those tasty slices. Pre-heat your oven at 275F for 10 minutes and put the cardboard box in it for another 15 minutes to revive your pizza’s freshness. 

Other reliable methods of reheating pizza slices are stovetop reheating, microwaving, and using a toaster oven. Whichever method you choose, don’t over-heat the cardboard box to avoid fire hazards. If you have to serve pizzas a few hours after they’re delivered, set your oven at a holding temperature of 175F and stack the boxes in it.

If you’re worried reheating will dry all moisture from your pizza’s dough, putting a glass of water along with the cardboard box is a good step. 

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