Can You Put Hot Pot on a Quartz Countertop?

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Can You Put Hot Pot on a Quartz Countertop?

You may have heard of Quartz or artificial stone as this is the most popular countertop. 

You might be wondering, can you set hot pans on them? The answer is a tentative yes, but it is a bit more complicated than that.

First, get some facts straight!

Never put any hot pan directly on the counter or table. Most of us learn in one way or another in our first cooking experience. 

Why not? – You ask.

 All countertops are of solid stone. It should not cause any damage since stone countertops are practically indestructible. Indeed, hot pans do not cause damage to concrete stones, but most countertops are not 100% stone. 

Putting hot pans on the Quartz countertops will cause the sealant on the tile countertop to discolor, melt, or even peel off. Before we provide a final verdict, here is what you need to know about quartz countertop resilience to heat.

Composition of Quartz

These artificial countertops are a mixture of quartz powder. They are ground and mixed with resin or polymer binders. They also add a small amount of pigment to give it a colorful pattern.

 However, it is the high composition of hard mineral quartz that makes this material so durable. Not all stone countertops derive from solid slabs; quartz countertops are an artificial composite stone made of 93% quartz chips bonded with a strong resin. 

The resin also reduces the heat resistance of the work surface.

1. Quartz-Heat Resistant 

Unlike natural stone, quartz countertops cannot come in contact with hot pots and pans. Quartz countertops can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Perhaps your steaming mug of coffee or a warm bowl of ramen on a quartz countertop surface is not going to cause significant damage. 

Despite the durability, you cannot place a hot cooking pan straight off the stove. 

The most common result is when a hot pan touches a quartz countertop, a discoloration ring appears on the countertop (thermal shock).  Fortunately, with stove mitts and coasters/trivets, your quartz countertops are safe from discoloration/cracking.

2. Quartzite Vs Quartz

Quartzite is an all-natural material like granite and marble. Each quartzite has a unique color change and pattern texture. Although quartzite is very durable, it is a porous material. It requires regular sealing to avoid staining. 

On the other hand, Quartz countertops are non-porous and never need consistent sealing. 

3. More Desirable than Granite

Quartz countertops have recently overtaken granite in sales. It is no longer widely used in kitchens due to high costs and environmental hazards; Quartz tends to be eco-friendlier.

Although granite had the appeal and sophistication of marble (without the durability), currently, Quartz surpasses granite due to its sturdy built, long-lasting use, and aesthetic appeal.

4. Strong But Not Chip Resistant

Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to chipping and cracking than any other natural stone alternatives. It is because the base material is extraordinarily strong. Although it is highly durable, Quartz countertops are still prone to damages due to mishandling.

You do not need to read some research to know that quartz countertops will break from time to time. Like most countertops, the edges are the most fragile, especially around the sink, where they are more likely to hit heavy pots and pans.

5. Size Limits

Quartz countertops are as large as the machines that make them, and they have limitations. The average panel size is 56 x 120, although some companies now produce larger panels (for example, Cambria makes 6’3 by 130 tablets). 

Why Should You Get Quartz Countertops?

Here are the few prevalent reasons to get quartz countertops for your kitchen:

1. Easy to Maintain 

A non-porous surface is easy to clean and maintain and never needs sealing. This material is also suitable for consumption. And can resist bacteria, viruses, molds, and other dirt. Make it more cost-effective by using remnants with it. 

2. Multiple Finishes

You might feel like your countertops lack dimension and depth. Luckily, Quartz manufacturers offer matte, suede, and honed finishes. You can also find variations mimicking other textured substances—like leather, volcanic, and concrete—each gives off their look and feel.

3. Customization

Thankfully, many quartz manufacturers are listening to customer suggestions. Now you can customize your quartz countertops just the way you like. Since these countertops are factory manufactured, it is possible to customize them in any color you want. 

Many people opt for white and grey color selection since it gives a more modern aesthetic. You can have a whole range of color palettes to choose from.

So, if you like cerulean blue, you can get a whole theme done!

4. Easy to Protect 

The best thing about the quartz countertop is that you can protect it by simply keeping the heat away from it. No extra step is necessary since it doesn’t disintegrate that quickly.

Some easy methods to protect can be:

  • Use Potholders and Trivets
  • Keep Hand Towels Handy
  • Lay Out Heat Mats
  • Protect Your Curling Iron
  • Serve from Separate Serving Dishes
  • Keep Your Sink Clear

The Key Takeaway

If you want to know whether you can place a hot pot on the quartz countertop, the answer is no. It can not only cause damage to your countertop but also to your family. It is safer to proceed with caution when it comes to hot pans, like waiting for the pan to cool down ON the stove rather than the countertop.

There are also some findings:

  • Hot pots can crack or discolor the quartz countertops.
  •  A hot pan will cause different degrees of burns.
  •  A kitchen pot is essential. 
  • Good kitchen skills can help you avoid burns. 

By following them, you can easily ensure that you, your family, and your kitchen space are safe from harm. The people who use quartz countertop can experience countless benefits from it.

When you install quartz countertops in your home, places like your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, craft room, or other rooms in the home can have that sleek look.

You do not need to compromise on the health safety of your family.

Manufacturers even offer to deliver a natural look for quartz surfaces to get durability and aesthetics. Unlike other stones, Quartz comes in various colors, natural and artificial, that boost its appeal.

Related Questions:

What temperature damages the quartz countertops?

There are many reasons why Quartz is popular among people; one of them is heat resistance. While it is true that they are highly heat resistant, they are not sustainably heatproof. Most countertops built with a tendency to resist temperature up to 150 degrees are still vulnerable. Severe damage can occur if the countertops are exposed to heat repeatedly hence resulting in damaging the resin.

 How do you protect Quartz from the heat?

It is essential to use trivets or hot pads to prevent any significant damage done on your countertop. You can place them under hot pots and pans.

Although we recommend using hot pads, there are also little hacks to fill in any light damage done on the countertop.

Materials like baking soda on singes and using epoxy to fill cracks might help renovate your countertop. However, it is still advised to avoid any potential heat damage.

What countertops can you put a hot pot on? Essentially sintered surfaced or soapstone can resist heat from a hot pot placed directly onto it. When it comes to a Quartz countertop, direct contact with a hot pan will result in thermal expansion and cracking.

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