Can You Put Water or Liquid in An Air Fryer?

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Can You Put Water or Liquid in An Air Fryer?

Putting water in an electrical appliance might seem impractical, but not when you know the right way to do so. Cooking delicious and crispy meals in an air fryer takes a lot of practice and hacks; using water with some recipes is one of those.

If you’re wondering why and how to put water in an air fryer, you are on the right page. Today, I’ll explain whether you can put water in an air fryer and its benefits to ease your future cooking hauls.

So, read on to know why adding liquid to an air fryer is an important cooking tip!

Can You Put Water or Liquid in An Air Fryer?

You can put a small quantity of water or another liquid in the air fryer to contain food drippings and smoke that can otherwise create a mess for you. Adding liquid to an air fryer’s bottom drawer maintains the optimal cooking temperature and moisture, ensuring your food comes out well cooked. The presence of some moisture inside your air fryer keeps your food crispy from the outside and soft from the inside.

Home cooks are often skeptical about putting water in their air fryers because of the heating elements and circulation fans. But if you add water to the air fryer by following a proper technique, it will reduce your cleaning mess, keep your food soft, and control smoke emission.

Sure, putting hot oil and water together is not sane; you can easily pull out this method in the air fryer. However, when you mix the uncooked food and oil and put them in the air fryer basket, the oil doesn’t mix with any liquid you put inside the appliance.

Putting vinegar and liquid cleaning detergents in the air fryer is another handy hack for deodorizing this appliance. If your air fryer has a lingering food smell you want to get rid of, warm 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar in it and see the smell disappearing.

TIP: If you want to learn more about why Air Fryers smells and how to get rid of it. See our article Do Air Fryers Smell? How To Stop Air Fryers From Smelling?

You can also warm soups and casseroles in air fryers by using heat-resistant bowls. When you have to cook a liquid batter or heat it in the air fryer, place a heatproof bowl inside the air fryer basket and make sure it doesn’t spill.

Don’t overfill your bowl or pan with food because it can cause splattering or block your air fryer’s ventilation when there’s too much moisture inside it.

Is It Safe to Put Water in Your Air Fryer?

Yes, putting water in the air fryer is a safe and hassle-free method used to contain food drippings and smoke. If you manage to protect your air fryer’s heating element and circulation fan from water, you won’t face any trouble. Adding liquid in an air fryer alongside the uncooked food reduces your cleaning effort. It improves your food’s texture without posing any safety concerns.

If your air fryer has an exposed heating element in its bottom section, be very careful while putting water in it because even a tiny amount of water can cause short-circuiting.

Most air fryers come with well-snug bottom drawers or grease pans that ensure no food residue or water vapors land on the heating coil.

Remember not to overfill your air fryer’s drawer with water as it can evaporate or spill, eventually causing an electricity-related hazard. If your food already has moisture or is coated in a wet batter, don’t forget to put a pan under the frying basket to catch water vapors and food grease.

How Much Water Do I Put in My Air Fryer?

You should only add 2-3 tablespoons of water or any other liquid to the air fryer because its excess amount can cause intense evaporation and spill inside your air fryer. If you put water in the air fryer’s drawer or pan, only cover its bottom part with water and don’t overfill it. Similarly, if you use a metal bowl to warm a liquid inside your air fryer, make sure it doesn’t spill when you place it or take it out.

If you put water in an air fryer to control smoke emission, a tiny amount of it will suffice. When greasy particles from your food drop over the air fryer rack, the water inside it will ensure they don’t stick or burn.

Fatty foods like bacon and meat patties release a huge amount of smoke and grease in your air fryer, eventually increasing your workload.

But once you start using an optimum amount of water inside the air fryer, these fat droplets don’t create an insane amount of smoke in your kitchen.

Another advantage of putting water in an air fryer is your reduced cleaning effort. Removing the stubborn fats and food build-up from the air fryer pan is an exhaustive process, but not when there’s water to hold this mess.

Can I Put Water in The Bottom of My Air Fryer?

You can put water or another cooking liquid in the bottom of an air fryer without exposing your machine to a safety concern. Air fryers have metal pans and drawers below their frying baskets to catch food crumbs and grease droplets. If you put some water inside that pan or drawer, you can keep your air fryer clean and reduce smoke emissions in your kitchen. But if your air fryer has an uncovered heating coil in its bottom section, don’t put more than two tablespoons of water in its drawer.

Air fryers are practical and safe appliances designed to make your cooking tasks easier and mess-free. If you have a small countertop air fryer, it’s likely to have a removable drawer below the frying basket to catch food crumbs and droplets.

Similarly, larger air fryer ovens have wide metal trays to contain excess food and moisture that might otherwise spread all over your appliance.

Whether you want to put water in the air fryer to overcome excess smoke or making those chicken thighs softer is your aim, you can resort to your air fryer’s bottom part for it.

And once you’re done cooking, take your air fryer’s drawer out and drain out the mess right away.

Final Thoughts

Putting water in the air fryer is an effective hack for making your food juicier and decreasing the mess you have to clean after cooking. However, many home cooks do this trick incorrectly and face problems like short circuits and hot splatters inside their air fryers.

We recommend only putting 2-3 tablespoons of water in your air fryer’s drawer or pan for better cooking results. When this water heats up, the uncooked food absorbs its vapors and comes out juicier than usual.

Another advantage of putting water in the air fryer is its positive impact on smoke emissions.

When you’re cooking foods like bacon, meat patties, and chops, their fat particles melt and fall on the air fryer’s heating coil, eventually creating a huge amount of smoke.

But when you place a metal pan over the air fryer’s heating element and put some water in it, food fats and crumbs don’t create any problem for you. We hope this solved your confusion, and now you’ll put water in your air fryer the right way!

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