How Much Electricity Does an Air Fryer Use?

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How Much Electricity Does an Air Fryer Use

Air fryers prepare deliciously crispy foods without using a lot of oil, thanks to their convection heating mechanism. But do air fryers go easy on your electricity bill as well?

This guide will explain the electricity wattage air fryers use to help you understand their cost-effectiveness. So, let’s dive and know more about air fryers’ electricity consumption! 

How Much Electricity Does an Air Fryer Use? 

Air fryers come in different sizes, and their electricity requirements also vary widely. But the average amount of wattage air fryers consume is 800-2000 watts, which is lower than ovens and deep fryers. 

The amount and cost of electricity an air fryer consume depend on its wattage and size. If you look at your air fryer’s user manual, you’ll find its wattage, usually between 800-2000 watts. When you multiply your air fryer’s wattage by the time it runs and divides the answer by 1000, you’ll get the exact amount of electricity it consumes.

Let’s assume you use a NuWave Brio 6-quart air fryer whose wattage is 1500. This air fryer will consume 1.5kwh per hour on average. The money this wattage will cost depends upon the electricity prices in your region. 

If your air fryer has a different wattage, i.e., 1750 watts, multiply it by the amount of time you run it and divide the final figure by 1000 to find the answer. Don’t worry; the math is easy here:

Your air fryer’s wattage is 1750 x the time it runs 1 hour = 1750

1750/1000 = 1.75kwh

Multiply this kwh figure with the electricity price in your place, and you’ll know exactly how much using an air fryer will cost you (or any other appliance for that matter). 

Here is a general depiction of different air fryers’ wattage:

Air Fryer SizeElectricity Consumption
2 quarts1000-1200 watts
4-6 quarts1400-1700 watts
7-8 quarts1800-2000 watts

As a rule of thumb, remember that the higher an air fryer’s wattage, the more electricity it consumes. A small air fryer will consume less electricity and offer a limited cooking space if you have a small air fryer. Contrarily, larger air fryers require more electricity, but their powerful heating elements quickly complete the cooking job.

Therefore, you should prefer a middle-tier air fryer that doesn’t limit your meal sizes and goes easy on the electricity bill. The optimal wattage for air fryers ranges between 1500-2000 watts; anything above this limit isn’t feasible for home kitchens. 

Do Air Fryers Use a Lot of Electricity? 

One primary concern new air fryer users have is the cost of electricity they’ll have to bear. Since air fryers are pretty new to the market, there are several myths about them – air fryers using an insane amount of electricity being an important one. 

But the good news is that air fryers don’t use a lot of electricity. Air fryers’ wattage ranges between 800-2000 watts, which is significantly lower than ovens and deep fryers. And since air fryers offer quick cooking, they don’t strain your electricity bill either.

If you have a small air fryer, you can even use it in an RV because it’s modeled this way. Air fryers are compact cooking appliances that don’t lose much hot air during the cooking process, ensuring the energy is used correctly. 

Even though small air fryers offer a limited cooking capacity, they are more energy-efficient than countertop ovens and deep fryers because of their wattage. Firstly, you must pre-heat an oven or deep fryer to attain a temperature that surely consumes electricity. And secondly, large ovens push excessive heat out, resulting in loss of convection energy.

On the flip side, we have air fryers that don’t need pre-heating and maintain the desired cooking temperature without sweating you out. If your air fryer’s wattage is anywhere between 800-2000, it will never use more energy than your oven or deep fryer.  

However, one thing to remember here is your air fryer’s cooking space. When you have to prepare a large batch of snacks, doing it in the oven will be more pocket-friendly than running several cooking rounds in the air fryer. But if your air fryer suffices your meal requirements, don’t stress over its energy consumption! 

How Many Amps Does an Air Fryer Use?

The number of amps used by 110V wiring is almost double than its 220V counterparts because of how these wires conduct electricity. When most homes are switching to 220V wiring, understanding the amount of electricity air fryers use is mandatory.

Here’s a quick chart that explains the number of amps used by different air fryers:

Air Fryer WattageAmps at 220VAmps at 110V
1000 watts4.18.33
1100 watts4.59.17
1200 watts510
1300 watts5.410.83
1400 watts6.211.67
1500 watts6.812.17

If your air fryer has a different wattage than these listed in our table, you can find the exact figure here. Once you’re sure of the amps your air fryer uses, multiply that figure with the electricity price in your region to estimate the amount it’ll cost you each month.

 Does An Air Fryer Use More Electricity Than an Oven? 

No, air fryers use significantly less electricity than ovens and deep fryers. Most ovens have a wattage between 3000-6000, while air fryers’ wattage can reside anywhere between 800-2000 depending upon their size. 

If you run your oven and air fryer for the same amount of time, the oven will surely consume more electricity because of its powerful heating elements. Another factor that makes ovens more expensive than air fryers is their mandatory pre-heating phase. 

Whether you have to bake or grill in the oven, you’ll have to pre-heat it to attain the required temperature. Most ovens take 10-15 minutes to reach 400F temperature, which is usual for baking or grilling recipes. The energy your oven uses during these 10-15 minutes surely impacts your bill.

But luckily, air fryers don’t need any pre-heating to prepare your meals. You mix all uncooked ingredients in the air fryer basket and plug the socket in to start air-frying. And since air fryers prepare your meals faster than gas/electric ovens, you can knock a few bucks off the electricity bill by switching to air-frying. 

The longer cooking time of the oven makes it more expensive than the air fryer, eventually straining your electricity budget. However, if you have a big family, you’re better off running one cooking circle in the oven than preparing one meal in several rounds.

Air Fryers Consumption Comparison to Other Appliances

Air fryers aren’t limited to fried foods; you can grill, bake, rotisserie, and dehydrate in an air fryer while staying under a healthy calorie count. If you already have an instant pot, oven, or crockpot, knowing the difference an air fryer will bring to your electricity bill is smart. 

The exact electricity consumption of your air fryer is subjective. The appliance’s size, electricity price, wiring type, and electricity voltage impact its energy consumption. Therefore, we have compiled different cooking appliances’ energy consumption and cost to give you a rough idea.

Be noted that these figures aren’t universal and vary widely.

Cooking ApplianceElectricity WattageElectricity Cost Per Hour
Air Fryer800-2000 watt$0.12-0.25
Instant Pot1000-1500 watt$0.12-0.4
Oven3000-6000 watt$0.25-0.5
Slow Cooker600-800 watt$0.08-0.1

As you can conclude from these figures, air fryers are more economical than ovens and instant pots, while slow cookers top this list of pocket-friendliness. If you’re unsure about buying an air fryer because of its energy costs, you’re missing out on its convenience and affordability.

Air fryers not only suit your pocket, but they are also easily portable and energy-efficient. Top-tier brands like Ninja Foodie, Philips, and NuWave have several air fryer models under their names to suit different customers’ requirements. 

Thanks to technological advancements, you’ll find programmable air fryers on the market that come with changeable wattages. These air fryers are helpful if you move around a lot and need a go-to cooking appliance.

For instance, some homes support a maximum of 110V electricity supply to one device at a time. If you wish to operate your air fryer at higher power, getting a programmable one should be your priority. 

Similarly, campers and travelers need appliances they can plug in their RVs and mini-vans to cook on the go – air fryers with changeable electricity wattages help on this front.

How Much Electricity Do You Save With an Air Fryer? 

As mentioned earlier, the accurate amount of an air fryer’s energy consumption depends upon its size and model. But as a rule of thumb, air fryers are known to use 10% lesser electricity than electric ovens, mainly because of the size difference. 

If we compare an oven and an air fryer of the same size, their electricity consumption won’t vary dramatically. Air fryers have one advantage over other cooking appliances: their focused and undisturbed heating. 

Air fryers blow a consistent stream of hot air on your uncooked food, ensuring it comes out perfectly done in a shorter duration. On the other hand, large ovens lose considerable heat during cooking because of their wide surface areas.

Don’t expect a huge change in your home’s electricity bill after switching to an air fryer because this is still an electronic appliance. Air fryers need a consistent supply of electricity to cook your food. Any power outage/interruption will quickly stop them, unlike ovens that stay hot for a few minutes after the power is out. 

 Is It Economical or Expensive to Run an Air Fryer? 

Air fryers are economical and smart cooking appliances that can reduce your workload almost by half. Since air fryers blow a powerful stream of hot air when plugged in, they don’t take hours to prepare your food. 

Instead, most air fryer recipes take a maximum of 20-30 minutes without any pre-heating. When we shift the same recipe to an oven, it takes 25% longer than the air fryer to complete one task. Air fryers’ efficiency comes from their compactness and powerful heating elements.

Once you plug in an air fryer, it generates hot air around your food that cannot escape. When the timer goes off, your air fryer’s vents will open and emit excess hot air to help you gauge the food’s status.

Air fryers’ small surface areas make them quick and effective, but not for large food batches. If you have to cook several servings of chicken wings, having a small air fryer won’t feel like the best decision. But that’s okay; you can always upgrade to a bigger model depending upon your cooking requirements.

Can An Air Fryer Be Used in A Camper And RV?

Yes, you can use an air fryer in your RV or mini-van to cook healthy snacks on the go. If you have a 2–4 quart air fryer, you can easily plug it in the RV or camper without worrying about the electricity supply. However, make sure your RV supports higher electricity wattage for using a 4-quart or bigger air fryer in it. 

 Final Words

Calculating the electricity cost each appliance brings along is a smart move – you don’t want your money to go down the trash chute. That’s why we have answered the most important questions about air fryers and their electricity requirements to help you make better decisions.

Check your air fryer’s wattage and the electricity price in your state to ensure this appliance’s cost. We wish you luck!

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