Power Air Fryer Fan Not Working: Step-by-Step Guide Fixing It

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Power Air Fryer Fan Not Working: Step-by-Step Guide Fixing It

Air fryers have recently gained a good reputation among many home cooks. They have become more popular due to healthy oil-free cooking and delicious crispy results.

However, one of the downsides to this brilliant appliance is that it comes with quite a few faults and malfunctions. Even if your air fryer is from a good, reputable brand, there still can be some common problems that you as a user might face over time.

Now the question is: Can you save money and fix your air fryer at home?

Perhaps you are facing power issues, electrical faults, or even thermal instability. But are they a quick fix? The answer is an inconclusive yes! Nevertheless, it all comes down to what the problem is. While the article will provide you with simple solutions, you might still need to consult a proper technician or manufacturer for troubleshooting significant complications.

Diagnosing the Problem

Many people have problems with their fryers not working after a couple of weeks or even months.

There is no reason to get your money back or try to exchange it with another air fryer.

First, you have to determine the problem. Maybe it is the heating element or a damaged power cord. Identify the issue your air fryer might have and follow through with the given solution.

How To Fix a Broken Fan?

A non-working fan is a common problem that many people face with their air fryers. Sometimes this problem occurs within a few days, few weeks, or even months after purchasing the air fryer.

Before you figure out the underlying problem of a defective fan, first check some primary factors. A blip such as a broken connector, a loose cable, or a complex computer that only needs to restart can usually fix the problem. For other causes, you have to check the locking mechanism, turn your air fryer off to let it cool, check the basket latch, or in some cases, call the manufacturers.

Read on to find out why your fryer fan is not working. Most of them are resolvable by the user, but some require professional experience.


  • Suspended emergency switch
  • An electrical problem like a failed circuit which causes thermal fuse issues
  • Power Supply
  • Internal Components
  • Manufacturing Faults
  • Overheating fan
  • Central motor malfunction
  • Your fryer might have reached its limit, and it is time to buy a new one


Make sure that the emergency switch at the bottom of the drawer is activated. Otherwise, the fan will not start due to the safety interlock.

If the safety switch is working, there may be a problem with the electrical connection. Sometimes, the fan’s power supply may become loose and needs adjustment to restore the fan.

There may even be a problem with the internal components of the fan that caused it to stop. If there is overheating, you need to unplug your air fryer and wait for it to cool down.

After a while, the problem will resolve on its own. If it does not, then the air fryer needs a plus or fan replacement.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Here are some customary problem-solving steps to follow if your air fryer fan stopped working, and the usual suspects are not the cause.

STEP # 01: Source Identification

First, you need to test the drawer. After connecting and opening the fryer, pull out the drawer and slide it in. Do this several times and see if you can turn on the fan.

 If you perform this operation and the fan does not turn on, the problem lies with the safety switch. After confirming, let us proceed to the second step.

STEP #02: Switch Activation

You will need a butter knife, an old gift card, or a credit card to turn on the switch. Be careful when using the butter knife, and make sure that the fryer is off to avoid electric shock.

Placer the drawer inside your air fryer, and insert the knife or card into the correct position of the slot. The technique will bypass the safety lock and should allow the fryer fan to operate normally.

STEP #03: Unit Testing

Make sure you remove the knife when you turn the air fryer back on. You should immediately hear the fan turn on.

If you have already tried step two correctly and your fan fails to turn on, then it might be an electrical connection malfunction.

You will need to call your manufacturer and ask the professionals for help because this problem is unsafe to fix on your own.

Air Fryer Mistakes That You Might Be Making

If you’re a new fryer owner, you may have learned some mistakes everyone makes from time to time. Some of these can affect the performance of your fryer.

To avoid damaging your fryer, stay clear of the following blunders while using this life-changing appliance.

  • You left your air fryer on after cooking. It can cause unnecessary electricity wastage and overheat. So turn your air fryer off when it’s not in use.
  • Cooking in a non-ventilated area can cause your air fryer to heat up, possibly damaging the motor inside. Make sure you place your fryer away from the wall and open windows when cooking.
  • You use excessively wet batter-covered food. The circulating fan might splatter the coating everywhere and cause burnt food stuck inside the fryer. Use a decent coat of oil and breadcrumbs or flour in your food.
  • You fill your air fryer up with excessive food. It will not only cause unevenly cooked food but also the air will not circulate properly. It will put extra strain on the fan.
  • Using harsh chemical cleaning agents and scour pads to scrape your air fryer basket. Only use warm soapy water to soak and a sponge.
  • You use excess oil. While some standard recipes might call for extra quantity, you will not need more than 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Excessive amounts can drip down and cause smoking.
  • You bypass adjusting cooking time or temperature. Each food requires a different cooking time and temperature. Therefore you need to set it accordingly.
  • You spray your basket with aerosol. These propellants can cause the non-stick coating to flake away. Instead, use aerosol-free sprays.
  • Skipping the preheat time that your air fryer needs. It will cause your food to be dry or even soggy. For perfectly crisp food, always use the appropriate amount of oil and preheat your fryer.

Final Thoughts

While an air fryer is a versatile appliance to cook delicious food with less oil and time, it is prone to some faults.

However, with this article, you will get your air fryer back to working condition again in no time! Follow the step-by-step guide to get your air fryer fixed with minimal effort and money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My Air Fryer was working fine the last time I used it. Why has it suddenly stopped working?

Firstly, check your usual outlet supply. Try plugging a different appliance to check if the outlet might be faulty. You can also try the air fryer in another outlet.

Secondly, check your breakers and reset the ground fault circuit interrupter. Sometimes it’s not the outlet you’re using but another nearby that could be causing problems.

Another possibility could be that your air fryer may have an overheated thermal fuse. Since this is replaceable, your fryer should be fine after this.

Why is my air fryer not heating up?

Does it have a safety lock mechanism that permits the air fryer from starting if it isn’t in position? If yes, double-check the locks. Perhaps the handle switch is broken. It could also be a case of a busted heating element coil.

If you have a warranty, you can send it to get replaced by the manufacturers.

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