Where to Put Toaster Oven in Small Kitchen?

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Where to Put Toaster Oven in Small Kitchen?

You might be an avid toaster user seeking a proper place in your quaint apartment. Have a small kitchen? No need to worry about appliance storage.

You can opt for many creative places like:

  • Near coffee-making ingredients 
  • On another counter near where the bread will be stored, which would have been equally convenient
  • Below the counter
  • In a pull-out drawer
  • On a wall-mounted shelf.
  • Even inside an appliance garage

However, one must consider which one of these is the safest and easiest storage place.

This article answers your question about where to put a toaster oven in a small kitchen. There are many ideas that I will discuss in the guide below.

Initial Concerns of Kitchen Chaos

Thinking about buying a toaster oven but worried about where to put it due to lack of space? 

As minimalist and convenient as the device is, without any proper storage plans, it may just be another item littering your kitchen area. You would not want that!

It is a popular device, so it is wise not to place it in an inconvenient spot. At the same time, you would aim to place it at a perfect distance to avoid cluttering your small kitchen. 

Here you can look at a few options.

Storage Options

Innovativeness is crucial when it comes to organizing a small kitchen. An ideal small kitchen has designated areas for handy placements of various appliances. Yes, that includes a toaster too. 

Here is a list of the most convenient spot to place a toaster, especially in a small kitchen: 

  • Wall-mounted Shelf
  • Countertop
  • Under Cabinets
  • Freestanding Shelf
  • Appliance Garage
  • Pull-Out Drawer
  • Appliance Cart
  • Below the Counter

Before I discuss the aesthetics of these toaster oven places, take a look at the safety and functionality of the desirable spots.

Factors To Consider When Putting Toaster Oven in a Small Kitchen

You should consider these few factors when choosing the right placement for your toaster.

1. Toaster Oven Size

Do you plan to place your oven on a wall-mounted shelf, inside a cabinet, or a small cavity? If yes, then it is vital to consider the different sizes and models of ovens available in the market. 

The one you buy will determine the space you can place it in. So make sure it fits! The last thing you would want is half of your oven dangling over the edge at risk of toppling.

When in doubt, always double-check the measurements of both your oven as well as the intended place. 

2. Convenience

Toaster ovens are one of the appliances that you might catch yourself using consistently. It is why you would want to place it in a place that is both nearby and handy. You can even set it where you keep the bread or near the fridge to avoid unnecessary trips. 

3. Electrical Fixtures

Unlike many gases or wood ovens, these are electric toaster ovens. Do you know what that means? It means you ensure the wire is long enough to reach the outlet.

Electrical renovations are not exactly your best bet when it comes to oven positioning.

They can be ridiculously costly and work-intensive. So it would be wise to place it near the power source; if that doesn’t work for you, mull over getting a power extension cord instead. 

4. Adequate Ventilation

To be frank here, when you use a toaster oven, there are bound to be by-products. No one wants any of the odor, grease, and smoke inside their kitchen. To combat these harmful pollutants, a proper ventilation outlet is a practical solution.

5. Heat Protectant

If by any off-chance you happen to buy a cheap, thin-walled, poorly insulated oven that can get externally hot. Fret not! Here, proper insulation and air circulation are critical. Do not place these kinds of toaster ovens inside enclosed spaces like cabinets or walls. 

Want to avoid getting your kitchen caught on fire? Place your oven far away from any flammable object or plastic. Especially when it is in operation, make sure you use fire-proof equipment to handle it. 

8 Best Places For Your Toaster Oven In a Small Kitchen

Now that I have reviewed the safety measures, here are the placement options.

Read on, and I will also demonstrate ways to incorporate your toaster oven into unique designs for your small kitchen.

1. Wall-Mounted Shelf (or Stand)

Given that your small kitchen is a mess of appliances, the wall is your next best option. Just be cautious that your chosen spot is near an electrical outlet. You can order the wall bracket from a manufacturer.

Or you can also make a custom item that can support the weight of the toaster oven after wall bolting. It is vital to guarantee that the oven is securely stable. There should be enough space between the wall and the toaster oven to ensure ventilation. 

2. Countertop-With Precautions

Wet surfaces like near the sink or near gas outlets are danger zones for electric toaster ovens. 

Externally the toaster gets hot, which can damage any other equipment nearby. It is also important not to place the toaster directly on any equipment (such as a refrigerator or microwave). 

3. Under Cabinets

Cabinets elevated above countertops are convenient for placing toaster ovens under them. They include a cover (hood template) with screws drilled into the base of the cabinet.

After installing the template in place, screw the toaster tightly to the hood, leaving a small space between them for ventilation.

4. Freestanding Shelf

Attractive shelves make your kitchen look beautiful, and they are easy to install. A set of shelves increases counter space. If you desire a toaster oven nearby but also out of the way, a freestanding rack will give you that.

A freestanding shelf is also a permanent fixture in your kitchen. Mobile shelves double as kitchen islands.

5. Appliance Garage

If a toaster oven is not an around used item in your household, you can tuck it away. The storage room can accommodate a small toaster oven. 

Therefore, if you have no quick fix for oven placement, you can put it back in its box and place it in the garage after use. You can also build a customizable appliance garage in your kitchen. Make sure it is small.

6. Pull-Out Drawer

There are numerous drawers on the market for you to choose wisely. If you cannot find it in the market, you can make it yourself. 

There is drawer installation done under the wall cabinet or the workbench. With pull-out drawers, kitchen appliances are always within reach. Feel like a quick toast? Pull the toaster oven out of the drawer, and store it again after usage.

It helps save space.

7. Appliance Cart

A toaster-oven cart is an excellent place to store your oven. The appliance cart provides plenty of shelf space. It is moveable, well-ventilated, and highly convenient. You can also customize the cart with the theme of your kitchen. 

8. Below the Counter

Modern-day kitchens have shelves designated for toaster ovens under countertops. It is crucial to consider the size of your toaster oven.

Give your toaster oven proper ventilation during usage. You must contact professionals to ensure measurements for a suitable cavity. 

Toasters with mounting plates are best suited for this situation. If you decide to place an expandable table below, it is also a good choice.

Final Words

I hope this in-depth guide will help you pick the right place to keep the toaster in your kitchenette. Fortunately, since the ordinary toaster is small, it should be easy to find a place to put it.

If you still cannot find a place in the small kitchen, consider putting it in your dining room or living room. Now you don’t have to hesitate from purchasing it simply because you don’t have much space in your cooking area.

With this guide, your small kitchen will look bigger, cleaner, and more organized.

Related Questions:

Is it safe to keep the toaster oven in a pantry? Many toasters generate excessive heat. Some toasters are suitable for confined spaces. For safety, I recommend using toaster shields behind and below the toaster oven. 

How far from the wall should a toaster oven be? I recommend a distance of at least 6” between your toaster oven and other objects.

Can you put a toaster oven next to a microwave? Sure, as long as it is not directly on top of each other. I advise that the circuit breaker for these two should be separate. Have a licensed electrician or knowledgeable person verify if the line can handle them.

What can you put in a toaster oven? Many roasted food items are suitable to place inside a toaster oven. Despite the name, this oven is not only for toast. Of course, plastic items are not safe, but aluminum is common to use.

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